Acer palmatum 'Garnet'

Commonly known as the Japanese maple, Acer palmatum has been cultivated in Japan for centuries. Over 1000 cultivars now exist, chosen for their particularly distinct foliage and fairly small root systems, which mean the plants don’t become invasive where they are planted. The ‘Garnet’ cultivar boasts feathery, garnet-coloured leaves which then deepen into a scarlet shade in the autumn. The compact growth, often reaching only around 2 metres in height, and dense canopies of Acer palmatum ‘Garnet’ make it a warming focal point of any garden. Due to their compact growth they are also ideal for growing in containers, although the containers would need to be wrapped for the colder months to protect roots from frost. As a deciduous plant, their deeply-lobed and delicate leaves are also likely to die back for the winter months. While in dormancy, trim back any dead branches. 


Water regularly and thoroughly during the active growing season of spring and summer.

Light requirements

Full sun or partial shade, although avoid a south-facing location to protect from harsh summer sun. 


Mulch and use fertiliser every spring to encourage healthy growth. If growing in a container, feed the plant every spring and summer. 


Plant using acidic, well-drained soil and mulch every spring. If growing in a container, size up into a slightly bigger container every 2-3 years around the months of April or September. 

Pot size / height

See available sizes below. Please note that, due to their natural variability, specimens' height may be within 10-20% of the stated height below.

Plant supplied in plastic nursery pot.

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