Observing a garden can reveal one of the greatest renditions of time passing, with each year offering something new, or developing upon the growth of the previous. Conservatory Archives is now proud to partner with French glasshouse manufacturer LAMS, with the intention to supply the optimal environments for all manner of greenery.

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From the very beginning, growing under glass has been fundamental to our practice. When developing spaces, Conservatory Archives has always considered natural light as a tangible component: skylights, frosted glass-bricks and floor to ceiling windows had to be found or built. Working alongside LAMS, we are now excited to extend this philosophy into external commercial and residential spaces. 

Based in Vendée, France, LAMS has been offering in-house design and manufacture of glasshouses for more than 30 years. Crafted using aluminium alongside tempered glass, each LAMS glasshouse can be built to detailed specifications for long-lasting horticultural operations and - of course - enjoyment. From large and functional to traditionally petite, each style of glasshouse offers more customisation than most will ever need and, crucially, is built on location with the individual site and client requirements in mind. LAMS’ glasshouse designs are in constant development, with continued expansion of new designs and ongoing enhancements to existing styles.

Our team will closely assist throughout the process, from the initial stages of interpreting intention for use, through to design and the inclusion of decorative elements, to in-house installation on-site. Dependent on specification, Conservatory Archives can also provide full dressing and plant installation within the glasshouses, alongside maintenance advice and on-going support.