Brachychiton rupestris

Brachychiton rupestris, like many species that reside within shrubland habitats, is well adapted to contending with bush fires. It’s thick, water-storing trunk protects nutrients during high temperatures, which can often trigger a period of flowering and regrowth of leaves following the blaze. It is commonly described as a ‘bottle tree’ due to the rotund shape of the green, woody stem as it matures. Although usually deciduous during the autumn and winter months, if temperatures remain consistent they may retain some foliage. 

Because of the variety of their shape, the trees are catalogued by "Contortion grade" in addition to pot size and height. "Contortion grade" is a measure of the tortuousness of the base of the trunk: the larger the number, the more twists and turns the specimen has. All specimen available below are in our London stores so if unsure please ask for specimen images.


In Summer water thoroughly only when 100% of the soil has dried out. A/W refrain from watering. Spring gradually increase watering - depending on temperature and light exposure.

Light requirements

Full sun.


Use a cactus fertiliser 1-2 times a year.


Can remain the same pot for a number of years, only repot when roots begin to protrude from the bottom of the nursery pot. Use a very well-draining cactus potting mix, with a minimum of 50% extra drainage medium (such as pumice, gravel or perlite).

Pot size / height

See available sizes below. Please note that, due to their natural variability, specimens' height may be within 10-20% of the stated height below.

Plant supplied in plastic nursery pot.

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