Dionaea muscipula

The iconic ‘Venus Fly Trap’. Attracting insects with its fragrant nectar, its jaw-like trap will then snap shut once prey triggers fine hairs which line the trap. Teeth-like protrusions, or cilia, along the edges of the trap ensure the prey doesn’t escape the clutches of D. muscipula. A short, subterranean stem forms a rosette often made up of 4 to 7 leaves, growing to no more than around 10cm tall. To keep your ‘Venus Fly Trap’ happy, provide it with a warm and humid environment, alongside plenty of sun. Cut off some dead parts regularly when the plant is entering dormancy for the winter, but not all at once so the plant can absorb nutrients from remaining traps. 


Keep soil evenly moist using rainwater or soft water only, as lime within our tap water can be absorbed by carnivorous plants and lead to rot. During late spring and summer months keep plants standing in around 2-3cm of rainwater to keep soil moist. During the winter months reduce watering and keep the plant in a cool but humid spot. A sheltered outdoor space may be ideal, to keep the plant away from sources of heat. 

Light requirements

Full sun, although keep sheltered from harsh afternoon rays in the summer. Provide with plenty of water during particularly sunny months.


No need for fertiliser as the traps will attract insects to digest for nutrients. If there are no flies where the plant is kept indoors, the traps can be fed with live prey. Each trap catches only around three insects, then dies back after which a new trap will grow in its place.


Repot every 2-3 years using a carnivorous plant compost to provide the plant with a little room to grow. It may be possible to divide the plant or keep it as a large specimen. For less mature specimens, cut all flower buds when they appear.

Pot size / height

See available sizes below. Please note that, due to their natural variability, specimens' height may be within 10-20% of the stated height below.

Plant is supplied in its plastic nursery pot.

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