Nepenthes 'Rebecca Soper'

Commonly known as ‘Monkey Cups’, these carnivorous pitcher plants mostly originate from hot and humid tropical areas. With a sweet fragrant nectar luring their prey into the tube, the flaky wax interior walls break away when prey attempt to escape. Nepenthes ‘Rebecca Soper’ produces foliage and pitchers in shades of faded green and deep purple, making for a dramatic tropical look. Unlike other carnivorous plants which are fairly adaptable to our homes, species of Nepenthes require humidity levels of 80% to provide them with optimal conditions in order to grow their pitchers to ideal size. 


Keep soil evenly moist using rainwater, distilled, or soft water only, as lime within our tap water can be absorbed by carnivorous plants and lead to rot. Do not place plants in trays of water, but rather water from the top. Mist daily and keep humidity extremely high. During the winter months reduce watering but keep soil damp, and keep away from sources of heat

Light requirements

Bright, indirect light. 


Traps will attract insects to digest for nutrients. If there are no flies where the plant is kept indoors, the traps can be fed with prey.


Repot every 2-3 years using a carnivorous plant compost, mixed with sand, to provide the plant with a little room to grow. 

Pot size / height

See available sizes below. Please note that, due to their natural variability, specimens' height may be within 10-20% of the stated height below.

Plant is supplied in its plastic nursery pot.

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